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Guitar neck plate - John Bo, on that strange day - Fender size

Guitar neck plate - John Bo, on that strange day - Fender size

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Introducing John BO's Guitar Neck Plate—a captivating fusion of music and nostalgia that transcends time. This unique piece of craftsmanship transports you to the heart of the 1950s, where a young boy stands wide-eyed, gazing at a mysterious ship soaring through the skies above his grandparent's idyllic farm. This evocative scene, expertly engraved on the guitar neck plate, tells a tale of wonder, curiosity, and the magic of bygone eras.

The intricate details capture the essence of a bygone era—the boy's tousled hat, the rolling fields of the farm, and the enigmatic ship hovering amidst clouds. The sepia-toned hues evoke a sense of warmth and sentimentality, transporting players and admirers alike to a simpler time filled with dreams and innocence.

Crafted with precision and passion, John BO's Guitar Neck Plate is more than a mere accessory; it's a storytelling canvas that resonates with the soul of music. The stainless steel plate ensures durability, symbolizing the enduring nature of cherished memories. This unique piece not only adds a touch of vintage flair to your guitar but also serves as a conversation starter, inviting others to share in the enchanting narrative etched upon its surface.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or an avid collector, John BO's Guitar Neck Plate is a tribute to the timeless allure of the past, a reminder of the power of imagination, and a harmonious marriage of art and melody that makes each strum a journey through time.


Option 1 (60% Off on the second item) :
Neck plate + Pick pocket - Silver Edition (60% OFF)
Add a 1,5mm patented stainless steel spacer between your neck plate and the body of your instrument to hold your favorite picks.

Option 2 (20% Off on the second item):
Neck plate + Levitation Wall Guitar Hanger with Pick Pocket Deluxe Edition (20% OFF)
Give a unique levitation effect on your instrument with our patented levitation wall hanger.
Orientate your guitar between vertical, Horizontal and between at the first assembly.
Add a pick pocket deluxe holder with 3mm thickness available for your favorite picks and a pick anti-fall device.
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Key Features:

✅ Free worldwide shipping within 24 working hours.

✅ All parts are meticulously engraved in our workshop north of Paris, France.

✅ Unique design by Hoverguitar.

✅ Premium engraved neck plate with black and brass finish.

✅ 4 chrome Fender ® size screws.

✅ Laser upgrade by Hoverguitar ®.

✅ John Bo, on that strange day edition.

Guitars and Bass guitars Compatibility:

Stratocaster ®, Telecaster ®, Jazzmaster ®, Jaguar ®, Mustang ®, Jazz bass ®, Precision bass ®, Jaguar bass ®among others (please reach out to our support team if you have any compatibility related question)

Returns and refunds:

If the product arrives faulty, is lost in transit or is not what you wanted, it can be exchanged or fully refunded.
Only customized products cannot be refunded.
If you have a problem with your order, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll find the best solution together :)

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The material Hoverguitar Levitation hanger is mainly made with stainless steel, what allows a very great robustness and an excellent durability.

The Fender Genuine neck plates and Standard Neck plates are made from brass with chrome coating or black coating.

Care Instructions

The hoverguitar system does not need any special maintenance. It is made of 98% stainless steel, which gives it great robustness.

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