The one and only patented invisble hanger compatible instruments like Fender®, Squier®, partcasters and other brands with standard rectangular neck plate !

🇫🇷 - Designed and made in France ! - 🇫🇷

  • Invisible

    Totally invisible from face and until a low degree of observation with the wall

  • Orientable

    You can orientate your instrument at first assembly: Vertical, horizontal or somewhere between.

  • Robust & Easy to install

    - All parts are in stainless steel. Hook on the wall is 3mm thick.

    - You can install the device in less than 10 minutes.

Check differences between "Silver" and "Professional" Hooks

Engraving service

We also provide custom engraved neck plates: Put desired text, pictures and/or logo. This can be for a brand, something personnal, a gift, a memory....

Check some exemples here.

Hoverguitar is a patented product

Hoverguitar invisible hanger is patented to I.N.P.I

Hoverguitar is designed and made in France

All parts are coming from french plants.


Hoverguitar is already acclaimed for the high quality of its products and a very good customer relationship.


Hoverguitar has been developped with continuous improvment loops since 2017 with the aim of offering the best hanging experience possible.