Your Floating Wall Guitar Hanger !

by Hoverguitar®

✔️ Floating Effect (Invisible Guitar Mount From Front)

✔️ Safer Than Traditional Wall Hangers And As Convinient

✔️ Possible Horizontal And Angular Display

✔️ For Neck Plate Instruments (Fender®, Squier® & More)


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 - 93

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WATCH NOW: Floating Wall Guitar Hanger Setup in 3 Minutes !

Stratocaster with Hoverguitar invisible wall guitar hanger mount

Innovative & Patented Guitar Wall Mount Concept

Install your new premium guitar display in just a few minutes by adding thin plates between the body and the neck plate of your instrument. You'll have all the advantages of a conventional wall hanger and even more.

  • Levitation Effect

    - Totally invisible from face and until a low degree of observation with the wall the Hoverguitar guitar hanger will provide a magical "levitation effect" sensation.

    - Pure aesthetics.

  • Orientable & Space Efficient

    - You can orientate your instrument at first assembly: Vertical, horizontal or somewhere between.

    - Compact design.

  • Secure & Easy

    - Easy to install in minutes like for a regular guitar mount.

    - Secure connection to the wall. Zero risk of accidental falls.

    - No pendulum oscillations.

  • Executed Orders

    Hoverguitar has processed hundreds of orders with the constant aim of offering you the best quality and complete satisfaction.

  • Floating hangers all around the world

    Customers who have adopted the innovative Hoverguitar invisible guitar wall hanger mount.

  • Customisations by engraving

    We also offer laser engraving. Many guitarists entrust us with their metal engraving projects. Mainly neck plates.

Will you levitate your guitar like a UFO?

🚀 Make flying the flying hanger directly to your home ! 🚀

Traditional Hangers's Issues Solved By Hoverguitar

Stratocaster on the wall

Traditional Hanger

❌ Visible and not always aesthetics.

❌ You can't orientate your instrument.

❌ Guitars can swing like pendulums, sometime dropping and getting damaged.

Hoverguitar Hanger

Invisible with a floating/levitation effect for the purest aethetics guitar mount.

✅ You can orientate: Vertical, horizontal or with an angular display at first assembly.

✅ No oscillation like a pendulum. Very limited movment possible for a safer link.

Limitation: Only compatible with neck plate instruments (Fender®, Squier® and more).

  • Black Precision Bass on the wall with levitation Hanger

    Bass Compatible

    Hoverguitar hanger is also comptaible with rectangular neck plate bass!

  • Fender Stratocaster on the wall with invisible wall guitar hanger


    Here, you can observe a stratocaster® UFO!

  • White Aura electric guitar on the wall

    Compatible With Other Brands

    Other guitar brands can have a Fender size neck plate and a flat back. Good news, the Hoverguitar is compatible with these instruments!

    Here with an Aura guitare ® - Nova!

  • Minitelecaster is a travel guitar inspired by the telecaster. Here you can see this instrument levitating on the wall with invisible hanger

    Minicaster On The Wall !

    Minicaster from Guitare Garage with a Hoverguitar Levitation hanger.

  • Stratocaster with hoverguitar invisible guitar hanger in the studio

    In The Studio

    Stratocaster levitating in the studio. The other instruments are Jealous!

  • Joe Doe Telecaster on the wall with some transparency

    Compatible With Joe Doe guitars Among Others

    Joe Doe telecaster from Vintage ® instruments.

  • Logo neck plate compatible


    Compatible standard rectangular neck plate instruments - Fender ® size

  • Logo 3mm thickness pick Hhlder

    Pick Holder

    Bonus function: 3mm thickness pick(s) holder.

  • Logo 5 minutes assembly

    Robust & Easy to Install

    - Thick stainless steel design

    - Very quick & simple assembly. In only 5 minutes on your instrument.

    - And another 5 minutes for the hook installation on your wall

  • Logo 3 seconds hanging

    Easy Hanging

    Hanging is as quick & as simple as with a classic wall hanger.

  • Logo reversible

    Instrument Care

    The Hoverguitar is easily removable without any consequence. The instrument returns totally to its original state as the Hoverguitar hanger has never been install on it.

  • Guitar Neck plate with Hoverguitar and customisation


    As an option, the back of the instrument can be customised by engraving on the neck plate and shield plate. Customisation done on catalog or on demand.

  • Stratocaster without neck plate

    Step 1: Remove your neck plate (Duration: 2min30sec)

    - Remove some string tension

    - Reverse your instrument upside down on a piece of cloth

    - Unscrew your neck plate

  • Stratocaster back with Hoverguitar

    Step 2: Install your Hoverguitar add-on and your neck plate on the top (Duration: 2min30sec)

    Setup the "plate sandwich" in this order:

    1 / The anti-wear shield plate

    2 / The pick retainer plate

    3 / The hook plate

    4 / Your neck plate on top

    5 / The included torx screws with compensated length (longer of 4mm than the regular neck plate screws)

    And then you can retune your guitar

  • Guitar Hook on the Wall

    Step 3: Assemble your hook on your wall (Duration: 5minutes)

    - Drill your wall with the desired hook orientation (Vertical, Horizontal or somewhere between)

    - Screw the hook on your wall

    That's it !

    You can now make levitate your guitar on your wall ! 🛸🎸

Ready to impress your grandmother with your new invisible wall guitar hanger?

🚀 Make flying the flying hanger directly to your home ! 🚀

  • Five stars logo

    Pierre - Paris, France

    " I have been looking for a long time for a system to hang some of my guitars on the wall in a non-vertical way like all other systems offer. I found it ! This device is really well thought. It is completely invisible when the guitar is on the wall and very discreet and well integrated on the instrument. An incredible invention as much for its simplicity as its efficiency. I am really happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it. "

  • Reverb logo

    Reverb top seller -🥇

    Hoverguitar is already acclaimed for the high quality of its products and a very good customer relationship. Top seller for months on Reverb.

    Check our Reverb store

  • Five stars logo

    Andrew - Massachusetts, USA

    "Well made and very attractive. An easy way to dress up any bolt-on neck guitar or customize your own build."

  • Five stars logo

    John - California, USA

    "As described ... of the highest quality. A simple, elegant aesthetic that makes a statement. shipment was surprisingly quick and secure. A small bit of kit, but significant to this project. Expectations were and BEYOND."

  • Etsy orange circular Logo

    Etsy top seller - 🥇

    The top seller status on Etsy is never definitive and an evaluation is carried out every month to determine whether or not the Top seller label should be reinstated. Hoverguitar is proud to have been a top seller on Etsy for several months now.

    Check our Etsy store.

  • Five stars logo

    David - Stuttgart, Germany

    "Top! Product as requested and in super quality. Fast dispatch and contact."

"Hoverguitar Floating Hanger is as effective as a witch's broom!" Baba Yaga

  • Exploded 3D silver hoverguitar hanger on the back of a Stratocaster

    The Trick Of This Magic Hanger!

    The concept is relatively simple in two modules: One modern flat hook on the wall and the other module is a add-on attached on the instrument. The add-on consists of inserting three additional thin plates between the original neck plate and the body of the instrument. One of these additional plates has two notches. The first notch at the bottom allows to put a flat hook and the top notch allows to put one or some pick(s). The second plate is a spacer and a spring plate for keeping picks in position.The third plate is a shield which prevents the wear of the varnish and paint of the instrument (can be easily recognized because longer.

  • Fender neck plate size


    The Hoverguitar® device is compatible with Fender®, Squier® with rectangular neck plate and other brands of instruments with rectangular neck plate combining the following requirements :

    – Same rectangular neckplate dimensions as Fender® instruments.
    – Same diameters and length of neck screws as Fender® instruments.
    – Back of the instrument totally flat.

  • Hoverguitar silver edition guitar wall hanger with black hook

    Uncompromising Quality

    Product quality & Environment is a serious topic for Hoverguitar®. The goal is to limit at the maximum possible the environmental impact of our products. Therefore, four aspects have been carefully studied and fully optimized:

    - Durability

    - Robustness (Every part is in stainless steel)

    - Recyclability

    - Packaging.

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Free Worldwide Shipping!

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Estimated Delivery Time:

Inside Europe: 3 to 6 business days

Outside Europe: 7 to 13 business days

Made in France

Hoverguitar is designed and made in France

All parts are coming from french plants. We carefully select the best suppliers for the sourcing of the parts of the hoverguitar hanger. Each kit is meticulously checked and validated before dispatch.

Logo satisfaction guarantee

Our 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Discover the confidence of trying our product risk-free for 30 days! We stand by the quality of our product and believe in your satisfaction. If, within the first month, you find that it doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a hassle-free 100% refund, excluding shipping costs. We understand the importance of making the right choice, and we want you to experience our product without any reservations. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Take the next 30 days to explore and enjoy our Hoverguitar levitationg hanger, knowing that we've got you covered with our no-questions-asked refund policy.

Logo Patented

Hoverguitar is a patented product

Because it's innovative, the Hoverguitar levitating hanger is patented to I.N.P.I

Roman with Stratocaster

A Personal Note From Roman

Hello dear guitar players,
I'm Roman from France. The Hoverguitar adventure first began in 2017 when I wanted to hang my guitar on the wall of my little home studio near Paris in France. I’m not that much of a fan of classic guitar wall mounts and wanted to find something more discreet that didn’t visually distract from the instrument’s vision. The electric guitar is a fabulous instrument but for me also a kind of work of art. After some research on the internet and in the entire galaxy, I realized that there was no totally invisible hanger. I observed my strat® and after having observed this rectangular neck plate at the back for a long time, I had a flash: “And if it was possible to make a kind of modern flat hook by inserting spacers between the neck plate and the body of the instrument? “. After making some tests, the filing of a patent and several series of prototypes for some months and years, the version V3 of the Hoverguitar arrives in end of 2021 and seems to solve the requirements of the equation: A robust support, easy to install, which respects totally the instrument and which is just as easy to be used as a conventional wall mount.Compatible with instrument with rectangular neck plate like Fender, Squier, Partcaster and other brands with same architecture.
Roman.W, founder of Hoverguitar®

    Yes, the installation of the hoverguitar is very easy. On the instrument, it takes around 4 to 6 minutes to assemble the add-on . The installation on the wall is now easier with the version 3 and takes no more than 5 minutes. In total, the installation should not take you more than 10 minutes.


    The Hoverguitar has been studied to be very safe and robust. All the mechanical strength is done thanks to thick stainless steel parts. No risk of falling if the device is well linked on the wall with the appropriate screws and pins. In the kit, premium pins and screws are included. The set is compatible with most walls.


    The add-on has a thickness of 4 mm and 3mm thickness is available for the pick(s)


    This device is made in France, near Paris and shipped worldwide.


    Yes, we are constantly sending our products around the world.


    Please allow an order processing time of 2-3 days; we’ll send your tracking number within that time. Shipping takes 10 to 14 business days in most cases: 

    • France: 1 to 3 business day
    • Europe: 5 to 8 business days
    • United States: 7 to 14 business days
    • Asia: 15 to 30 business days
    • Mexico: 15 to 30 business days 
    • Colombia: 15 to 30 business days
    • Other countries: Please send us a message via our contact page.

    You will receive an email once your order ships that contains your tracking information. Simply click the link and instantly track your parcel.


    We accept payments by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


    Payments are processed using the Shopify payment gateway. Shopify Payment is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. We take security very seriously, all payments are verified by Shopify to prevent fraud.


    We would be glad to accept amendments requested within 1 hour after your order as been placed. After 1 hour, amendment is no longer possible in most cases as we fulfill orders automatically. Please send us a message as soon as possible so that we can do our best. 


    You have 30 days from the delivery date of your order to request a return for your purchase. The items must have all their labels and be in perfect condition. You will be responsible for the shipping cost. If the merchandise is damaged when received or defective within 30 days, we will happily provide a replacement.


    Our products are made in France. In that context, we proudly ship directly from the manufacture to you in order to avoid unnecessary intermediaries such as mega warehouses, and reduce our carbon footprint.

    Nevertheless, we use only premium shipping lines to ensure a safe and smooth delivery within 10 to 14 days in most cases.


    If you made a mistake in your order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. In most cases, we’ll be able to make the required change to your order before it ships.

    If your order has already shipped to the wrong address, the only thing that can be done is to wait for the relevant Post company to return your order to us so that we can resend it to the correct address. In an event of loss or destruction of merchandise, we will not be responsible. Sustainable Tomorrow is not held liable for shipping errors where addresses were incorrectly or insufficiently inputted by customer.


    Absolutely, we have quantity discounts. Please email us at with your inquiry.


    Yes. The Hoverguitar device takes advantage of your existing neck plate.You can replace it or keep the original one.


    The hoverguitar device take advantage of the existing configuration of the instrument. No additional holes needed. The longer screws provided in the kit have exactly the same diameter than the original neck screw.This preserves the total integrity of the instrument: So, the threaded holes on the neck are preserved and the paint and the varnish are preserved with the additional shield now included in version 3. If you remove the Hoverguitar add-on, the instrument comes back to his original status.


    The screws of the hoverguitar device are 4mm longer than the original screws of the instrument. Torx is to avoid confusing between original screws and Hoverguitar screws.It is very important to put theHoverguitartorx screws when the device isintalled on the instrument and put back the original screws when the Hoverguitar is removed.


    Impossible. All parts on the instrument parts are in stainless steel. The flat hook on the wall is also in stainless steel.


    The hoverguitar device has now a plate called “the shield” since version 3. This plate completly protects the paint and varnish of the instrument.


    No maintenance needed on the instrument. On the wall, it’s good to check from time to time that the device remains well sticked on the wall with just a little visual inspection. The black velvet skin on the hook can be damage by wear after some years of manipulation or by a involuntary shock , that’s why 1 additional velvet skin included in the kit. This velvet sticker is also available in spare part.


    On the particular case of the stratocaster, we advice to remove the tremolo cover on the back when the hoverguitar device is installed on it. Indeed, the manipulation could create some interference between the hoverguitar device and the top of tremolo cover that could make some little scratches on it. More generally, if the instrument has a tremolo cover, it is advisable to remove it whe the hoverguitar device is installed.

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