Invisible guitar hanger


The hoverguitar® device is the patented invisible hanger and pick(s) holder for guitar and bass guitar compatible with Fender®, Squier® and other brands of instruments with rectangular neck plate.

Invisible guitar hanger

First guitar and bass guitar hanger totally invisible from front view and up to a very low degree of observation.


Orientation of the instrument

You can choose the orientation between vertical , horizontal or between at the first assembly.


Pick(s) holder function

Pick(s) holder function with 3mm thickness available.


Compatible rectangular neck plate

Compatible standard rectangular neck plate instruments (see details below).


Strong hanger

Very strong design with thick stainless steel components.


Quick assembly

Assembly of the add-on on the instrument is very quick and simple.



Hanging is as quick and as simple as with a regular wall hanger.



The Hoverguitar is easily removable. The instrument returns totally to its original state as it has never been installed on it.




 Compatibility dimensions

The Hoverguitar® device is compatible with Fender®, Squier® with rectangular neck plate and other brands of instruments with rectangular neck plate combining the following criterias :

Same rectangular neckplate dimensions as Fender® instruments.
Same diameters and length of neck screws as Fender® instruments.
Back of the instrument totally flat.

Working principle


The concept is relatively simple in two modules: One modern flat hook on the wall and the other module is a add-on attached on the instrument.. The add-on consists of inserting three additional thin plates between the original neck plate and the body of the instrument. One of these additional plates has two notches. The first notch at the bottom allows to put a flat hook and the top notch allows to put one or some pick(s). The second plate is a spacer and a spring plate for keeping picks in position.The third plate is a shield which prevents the wear of the varnish and paint of the instrument (can be easily recognized because longer.


Environment is a serious topic for Hoverguitar®. The goal is to limit at the maximum possible the environmental impact of our products. Therefore, four aspects have been carefully studied and fully optimized: Robustness, dismantling, recyclability and packaging.


Sunburst stratocaster on wall with invisible hanger

Fender® is a registred trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.
Squier® is a registred trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.
Hoverguitar® is not affiliated with Fender Instruments Corp.