About Hoverguitar


Welcome to Hoverguitar ! We strive to create the most original hardware possible for guitars such as the invisible guitar stand compatible with Fender ® instruments and partcasters !

 What is Hoverguitar:

Hoverguitar is a human size company from France (north of Paris) that mainly manufactures boutique guitar products. Everything is assembled by hand with maximum care and in small quantities.

 What we make:

First of all, we want to tell you that we attach importance to the uncompromising quality of our products. 

  • The patented invisible hook for guitar and bass guitar compatible instruments with rectangular neck plate like Fender®, Squier®, Partcaster® and other brands using this principle.

The Hoverguitar system allows any "Partcaster" type guitar with a flat back, non-reversed neck and rectangular neck plate to adapt an "Add-on" which will allow it to be hung discreetly on the wall. Invisibly. The operation is simple and only takes a few minutes.

  • Engraving service:

We offer a high quality engraving service using fiber laser technology. This technology makes it possible to have a very fine engraving and will embellish your metal plates as well as the handle plate for example.

  • Boutique pedals.

We develop this sector of activity and offer hand-assembled boutique pedals of high quality and with a completely unique look.

  • Electric guitars and basses (coming soon).

We will develop this activity from the beginning of 2023 in partnership with artists who will create drawings on Hoverguitare guitars. All components will be first choice. Particular attention will be given to finishes and adjustments.

 The story:

The adventure began in 2017 when I wanted to hang my guitar on the wall of my little home studio near Paris in France. I’m not that much of a fan of classic guitar wall mounts and wanted to find something more discreet that didn’t visually distract from the instrument’s vision. The electric guitar is a fabulous instrument but for me also a kind of work of art. After some research on the internet and in the entire galaxy, I realized that there was no totally invisible hanger. I observed my strat® and after having observed this rectangular neck plate at the back for a long time, I had a flash: “And if it was possible to make a kind of modern flat hook by inserting spacers between the neck plate and the body of the instrument? “. After making some tests, the filing of a patent and several series of prototypes for some months and years, the version V3 of the Hoverguitar arrives in end of 2021 and seems to solve the requirements of the equation: A robust support, easy to install, which respects totally the instrument and which is just as easy to be used as a conventional wall mount.

Compatible with instrument with rectangular neck plate like Fender, Squier, Partcaster and other brands with same architecture.

From end of 2022, the Silver edition is now available.

I hope you will like the idea and enjoy using the Hoverguitar which was made by a guitar enthusiast for guitar enthusiasts that we all are.
Thanks for reading this far.


    Roman W ; founder of Hoverguitar®


 Made In France

    Hoverguitar® is made in France.


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