Here you can find the list of guitar brands that love Hoverguitar and that integrate the system as soon as the instrument is assembled. Either optional or standard. You can find also a list of Hoverguitar’s retailers :


AurA guitares

AurA guitares is a fabulous french manufacturer of guitars, bass guitars and pickups. You can discover the Nova guitar, the Mira guitar, the Vega bass and the great pickups on the website or on Instagram. AurA guitars integrate the hoverguitar as an option from the building of the instrument.


Giant guitars

Giant guitars assembles and modifies electric guitars for lotteries from Ireland. These creations are tastefully made. Giant guitars was one of the first to test the Hoverguitar V2 when it was only in Beta revision in 2021. You can find it on its website as well as on its Instagram page.

IR Guitar Custom shop


IR Guitar Custom shop is the perfect shop in UK to find awesome guitar bodies, guitar necks and all original accesories as the Hoverguitar device  – Website and Instagram

My Dream Partcaster

My Dream Partcaster offers customized Stratocaster® and Telecaster® type guitars with many options not available in the standard series (body artwork, flamed maple, hand-wound pickups, high-end electronics and wiring, blocking mechanics…) near Paris in France. Thus, you obtain at the same time an instrument with a great build quality, a real identity and a mojo. Your guitar is always carefully delivered with a hard case as well as a certificate of authenticity. Website and Instagram

Pistol Guitars

Pistol Guitars offers customized and unique guitars with amazing design coming often from a steampunk or a science fiction movie. The name of the instruments are evocative. “Spaceboard” for exmple. Instruments are made with a tasty mix of materials as wood and steel. So, now one of the option for your next instrument will be the Hoverguitar device ;p . Go check it: Website and Instagram