Frequently asked question about the Hoverguitar device:

Is it easy to install the Hoverguitar device ?

Yes, the installation of the hoverguitar is very easy. On the instrument, it takes around 4 to 6 minutes to assemble the add-on . The installation on the wall is now easier with the version 3 and takes no more than 5 minutes. In total, the installation should not take you more than 10 minutes.

Is the Hoverguitar strong enough ?

The Hoverguitar has been studied to be very safe and robust. All the mechanical strength is done thanks to thick stainless steel parts. No risk of falling if the device is well linked on the wall with the appropriate screws and pins. In the kit, premium pins and screws are included. The set is compatible with most walls.

How thick is the add-on on the instrument ?

The add-on has a thickness of 4mm and 3mm thickness is available for the pick(s)

Do I keep my original neck plate ?

Yes. The Hoverguitar device takes advantage of your existing neck plate. You can replace it or keep the original one.

Can the Hoverguitar damage the instrument when you install it ?

The hoverguitar device take advantage of the existing configuration of the instrument. No additional holes needed. The longer screws provided in the kit have exactly the same diameter than the original neck screw. This preserves the total integrity of the instrument: So, the threaded holes on the neck are preserved and the paint and the varnish are preserved with the additional shield now included in version 3. If you remove the Hoverguitar add-on, the instrument comes back to his original status.

Why are the screws for the add-on on the instrument are “Torx” screws ?

The screws of the hoverguitar device are 4mm longer than the original screws of the instrument. Torx is to avoid confusing between original screws and Hoverguitar screws. It is very important to put the Hoverguitar torx screws when the device is intalled on the instrument and put back the original screws when the Hoverguitar is removed.

Can the Hoverguitar rust on the wall and/or on the instrument ?

Impossible. All parts on the instrument parts are in stainless steel. The flat hook on the wall is also in stainless steel.

Can the Hoverguitar damage the varnish on the back of the instrument ?

The hoverguitar device has now a plate called “the shield” in version 3. This plate completly protects the paint and varnish of the instrument.

Is there any maintenance to do ?

No maintenance needed on the instrument. On the wall, it’s good to check from time to time that the device remains well sticked on the wall with just a little visual inspection. The black velvet skin on the hook can be damage by wear after some years of manipulation or by a involuntary shock , that’s why 1 additional velvet skin included in the kit. This velvet sticker is also available in spare part.

Is there any advice for the installation on stratocasters ?

On the particular case of the stratocaster, we advice to remove the tremolo cover on the back when the hoverguitar device is installed on it. Indeed, the manipulation could create some interference between the hoverguitar device and the top of tremolo cover that could make some little scratches on it. More generally, if the instrument has a tremolo cover, it is advisable to remove it whe the hoverguitar device is installed.

Where is the Hovergitar device manufactured ?

This device is made in France, near Paris and shipped worldwide.