5 Instagram accounts of women playing the guitar to discover absolutely !

Over the last few years, we have been able to discover very talented women on the networks and especially on Instagram. Here is a selection of 5 incredible artists to discover or rediscover : 1 – Annie Wagstaff Annieplaysguitar is a talented multi-instrumentalist. She doesn’t just play the guitar. She also plays the keyboard and…

David Gilmour, 75 years old, 75 Pink Floyd’s best songs !

Happy birthday David Gilmour ! David Gilmour Argentina 2015 – Credit : Jimmy Baikovicius @ Wikimedia C.C 2.0 For the 75th birthday of the guitar legend David Gilmour, we come back to the best 75 Pink Floyd songs reversed from worst to best:  75. “Paint Box,” b-side (1967) 74. “The Narrow Way (Parts 1-3),” Ummagumma (1969) 73….