5 Instagram accounts of women playing the guitar to discover absolutely !

Over the last few years, we have been able to discover very talented women on the networks and especially on Instagram. Here is a selection of 5 incredible artists to discover or rediscover :

1 – Annie Wagstaff

Annieplaysguitar is a talented multi-instrumentalist. She doesn’t just play the guitar. She also plays the keyboard and she sings. She plays in quite modern and varied styles. It can sound pop, it can sound ambient, jazz and it is mostly electro. She switches from one instrument to another by throwing loops that are always well found. It’s every time very interesting to watch and listen to. She is sometimes accompanied by Hannaplayskeys ( Hannah Koppenburg ) who is also an excellent keyboard player.

2 – Sophie Lloyd

We no longer present Sophieguitar. She is an excellent guitarist whose style often goes in a shredder game. She often does great covers of popular classical music. Who doesn’t know her great “Merry Christmas” shred style? Some of her sessions are memorable. Like her famous interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody ! Always smiling with her ease and her faithful Kiesel guitar with its purple reflections. www.sophiguitar.com

3. Sarah Longfield

Sarah Longfield is a virtuoso guitarist. She plays a form of Shred that can sometimes make you think of Math rock. She also sometimes uses machines with her. On some of her instagram videos, we can discover her manipulating crazy modular synths. There are threads everywhere. But the magic of a music always in movement allows to spend good moments. Sometimes it’s very energetic but sometimes it’s calmer and hovering.

4 – Kortney Sweikert

Kortneysweikert delivers very soft melodies that take us elsewhere. Her playing and her voice are captivating. The journey is always on the agenda. Sometimes using her electric guitars. Sometimes using her acoustic ones. She sings also, but not everytime. Very soothing,Very peaceful. To discover absolutely if it is not already done !

5 – Yvette Young

4 – Yvette Young

Yvette Young is a sensational guitarist. She plays the guitar, sings and sometimes also plays the piano. She has her own style and plays most of the time on her nice green Ibanez guitar. She also plays in Covet band. On its instagram page, it written “Music is medicine”. The most beautiful sentence to end this article.


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