Happy birthday John Frusciante ! (2021)

For his 51st birthday, discover 51 facts you must know about… John Frusciante !

The rock band Red Hot Chilli Pepper was in concert on Thursday, 31 August, 2006 at The Forum, Inglewood, California. This is part of the tour Stadium Arcadium. Shown is John Frusciante (lead guitar). RAFAEL AMADO/PI, Prensa-internacional.com – CC license 2.0 – cut out picture

Do you already know all these things about John Frusciante ? A 51 steps biography:

#1John Frusciante is born on March 5, 1970 in Queens, New-York.

#2 – He has two sisters, two brothers and his parents are musicians.

#3 – He begins the guitar at the age of 10 years old.

#4 – He becomes fan of guitarists like Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page.

#5 – He saw the red hot chili Peppers for the first time in concert at the age of 15 years old (so this should be in 1985).

#6 – He becomes fan of the first red hot chili Peppers guitarist, Hillel Slovak.

#7 – John intended to audition for Frank Zappa’s band, but changed his mind as Zappa strictly prohibited illegal drug use. (wow !!!)

#8 – Frusciante became friends with former Dead Kennedys drummer D. H. Peligro in early 1988. They jammed together, and Peligro invited his friend, Chili Peppers bassist Flea. Frusciante and Flea developed musical chemistry immediately.

#9 – He is auditioned in 1988 after the death of Hillel Slovak . This was an initial proposal by Flea

#10 – At almost the same time, at the end of the 80’s , Chad smith is auditioned to integrate the band.

#11 – When Flea called Frusciante with the news of his acceptance into the Chili Peppers in 1988, Frusciante ran through his house screaming with joy and jumped on a wall, leaving permanent boot marks.

#12 – John was not familiar with the funk genre of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ sound, saying, “I wasn’t really a funk player before I joined the band. I learned everything I needed to know about how to sound good with Flea by studying Hillel’s playing and I just took it sideways from there.

#13 – The Chili Peppers collaborated with producer Rick Rubin for their second record with Frusciante, Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991).

#14Blood Sugar Sex Magik peaked at number three on the Billboard charts and went on to sell 13 million copies worldwide.

credit: Dave Toedter@Flieckr.com

#15 – Soon after the Blood sugar album’s release, he began to develop a dislike for the band’s popularity.

#16 – He refused to take the stage during a performance at Tokyo’s Club Quattro on May 7, 1992, telling his bandmates that he was leaving the band.

#17 – Upon returning to California in 1992, Frusciante entered a deep depression, feeling that his life was over and that he could no longer write music or play the guitar.[26] He focused on painting, producing 4-track recordings he had made while working on Blood Sugar Sex Magik and writing short stories and screenplays

#18 – John released his first solo album, Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt, in 1994. The album is a composition whose initial purpose was a spiritual and emotional expression.

#19 – John spent the next three years holed up in his Hollywood Hills home, the walls of which were badly damaged and covered in graffiti.

#20 – During this time, his friends Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes went to his house and filmed a documentary short, Stuff, depicting the squalor in which he was living.

#21 – John released his second solo album, Smile from the Streets You Hold, in 1997. The album’s first track, “Enter a Uh”, is characterized by cryptic lyrics and hysterical screeche.

#22 – In late 1996, after more than five years of addiction to heroin, John went cold turkey.[However, months later, he was still unable to break addictions to crack cocaine and alcohol.

#23 – In January 1998, urged by his longtime friend Bob Forrest, Frusciante checked into Las Encinas, a drug rehabilitation clinic in Pasadena.

#24 –  Fully recovered, John began living a more spiritual, ascetic lifestyle. He changed his diet, becoming more health-conscious and eating mostly unprocessed foods. Through regular practice of vipassana and yoga, he discovered the effect that self-discipline has on the body.

#25 – Despite his experience as an addict, John does not view his drug use as a “dark period” in his life.

#26 – With John free of his addictions and ailments, Kiedis and Flea thought it was an appropriate time to invite him back after the fire of Dave Navarro.

#27 – The legend says that John never listened to the album “One hot minute”

#28 – During the Californication world tour, Frusciante continued to compose new material, much of which would be released in 2001 on his third solo album To Record Only Water for Ten Days

#29 – In 2001, John began recording his fourth album with Red Hot Chili Peppers, By the Way (2002). he considered the time to be among the happiest in his life !

#30 – While working on By the Way, he also composed most of what would become Shadows Collide with People, as well as the songs created for the movie The Brown Bunny.

#31 – Frusciante wrote and recorded a plethora of songs during and after the By the Way tour.

#32 – In February 2004, he started a side project with Joe Lally of Fugazi and Josh Klinghoffer, called Ataxia.

#33 – John released his fourth full-length solo album Shadows Collide with People on February 24, 2004.

#34 –  In June 2004, he announced that he would be releasing six records over six months:[53] The Will to Death, Ataxia’s Automatic WritingDC EPInside of EmptinessA Sphere in the Heart of Silence and Curtains. (Wow !!!)

#35 – With the release of Curtains, Frusciante debuted his only music video of 2004, for the track “The Past Recedes”. He wanted to produce these records quickly and inexpensively on analog tape, avoiding modern studio and computer-assisted recording processes.

#36 – In early 2005, Frusciante entered the studio to work on his fifth studio album with the Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium. His guitar playing is dominant throughout the album, and he provides backing vocals on most of the tracks.

#37 – About stadium arcadium, Several reviews have stressed that the influence of Hendrix is evident in his solos on the album, with Frusciante himself backing this up.

#38 – In 2004, John began a series of collaborations with friend Omar Rodríguez-López and his band The Mars Volta, by contributing guitar and electronic instrumentation to song “Cicatriz ESP” off their album De-Loused in the Comatorium. He also contributed guitar solos on their 2005 album Frances the Mute. In 2006, he helped The Mars Volta complete their third album Amputechture by playing guitar on seven of its eight tracks.

#39 – John quit the group another time on July 29, 2009,[67] but did not publicly announce his departure until december 2009, two months after the band ended their hiatus in October 2009.

#40 – Frusciante’s tenth solo album, The Empyrean, is released on January 20, 2009.

#41 – In 2010, John began an electronic trio with Aaron Funk and Chris McDonald under the name Speed Dealer Moms.[72][73] Their first EP was released in December 2010 on Planet Mu Records

#42 – Frusciante released a new EP on July 17, 2012, entitled Letur-Lefr.

#43 – Acid Test Records announced on February 15, 2016, that Frusciante would release an EP of electronic music on April 16, 2016, entitled Foregrow.[79] The EP was released on the 2016 Record Store Day and comprised the title track, recorded for RZA‘s film The Man with the Iron Fists, and three instrumental tracks.

#44 – On November 24, 2015, Frusciante announced that he was releasing free unreleased songs dating from 2008 to 2013 on his official Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages.

#45 – On June 13, 2017, John, under the alias of Trickfinger, announced that he would be releasing his second studio album Trickfinger II on September 8, 2017, on the label Acid Test. The six songs, which were never intended to be released, were originally recorded in 2007.

#46 – On December 15, 2019, the Red Hot Chili Peppers announced on Instagram that Klinghoffer was leaving the band after 10 years and that Frusciante would take his place.

#47 – On February 8, 2020, John performed with the Chili Peppers for the first time in 13 years, at a memorial service held by the Tony Hawk Foundation for late film producer Andrew Burkle, son of billionaire Ronald Burkle.

#48 – In October, Frusciante confirmed that the band was writing material, but that work had been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.[86] Frusciante said he had found it exciting to play guitar again after having focused on electronic music in his solo work for several years.

#49 – Yes, John plays the guitar again, mainly on a sunburst stratocaster !!

#50 – In 2020, Frusciante released the Trickfinger albums Look Down, See Us and She Smiles Because She Presses the Button.

#51 – Today, John Frusciente is 51 years old and we wish him an amazing birthday !!

John Frusciante 2006 – Credit: Fastback2641 – License C.C 3.0

Main sources: Wikipedia.org


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